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REEF THIEF JIGS are hand-made in Sarasota, Florida and are made with clean recycled lead, giving anglers an effective and environmentally friendlier option for catching big fish. Our jigs are designed to be the strongest jigs on the market using hand-selected hardware and expert craftsmanship to create the easiest and most effective method to catch big Grouper and Snapper. We proudly outfit all of our jigs with SEAWORX hooks, which might be the strongest circle hooks on the market and have a sharp enough edge and shape to hook any fish that dares to even look at a Reef Thief. The increased sensitivity that anglers experience using Reef Thief Jigs comes from the specifically designed swivel, keeping the hook at the perfect distance from the jig creating one of the highest percentage hook-up ratios on the market, without sacrificing sensitivity or ease-of-use.



Want to become an Authorized Reef Thief Dealer? Click the link below to fill out the application and become part of the Team!

Reef Thief Dealer Application (Excel/sheets)

Reef Thief Dealer Application (pdf)

Submit all applications to @ [email protected]



Rigging: We Recommend using monofilament,
fluorocarbon, or hybrid leader in appropriate
accordance to the size fish you are pursuing.
For our 8oz Reef Thief Jigs, we suggest 60lb
test leader or larger for Grouper and Red
Snapper. Tie your Reef Thief Jig to your leader
using the eyelet that is NOT connected to the
pink swivel and skirt (only 4-6oz Jigs are rigged
with skirts). 
Bait: Sardines, squid, shrimp, cut bait, or live
bait or anything that will fit on a hook. Only
Jumbo shrimp will fit on a 6oz & 8oz Reef Thief
Jigs due to hook size.
How To Use: Once you have hooked your bait,
drop the jig to the bottom and crank it 6” off the
bottom, and hang on! There's no need for any
dramatic jigging motions or techniques, just fish
this rig the same way you would a slip-sinker rig,
with your weight being a few inches off the
bottom. The shape and design of the profile
makes it easier to bounce your Reef Thief Jig off
submerged structure without getting snagged,
and because of the specific distance between the
weight and hook, your fish has a lower
probability of being able to shake off.




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